Housing Design Summit


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2020 Housing Design Summit

February 20–21, 2020 | Scottsdale, AZ

On February 20-21, 2020, we gathered for the third time to discuss the latest trends and tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. We learned how great design, great research, and profitability converge—through four keynote presentations, six panels, 4 trend moments with industry leading building product companies, three lively roundtables, and hours of networking discussions.

By collaborating with each other, we can reach our goal of profitably building the best places to live in the world.


Each year, the smartest executives in community and home building design meet to learn from each other and build a network that helps them make great decisions year-round. At the Housing Design Summit, executives tour great design, share their recent successes as well as lessons learned, and listen to provocative, educational speakers.

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The New Industry Collaboration

The housing industry tends to work in silos:

  • The building products industrial designers work independently from the home designers, despite the fact that both are trying to design a great kitchen.
  • The home designers work independently from the land planners, even though consumers look closely at the homes next door to assess their privacy.
  • Both industrial and home designers work independently from the market researchers, who project revenues for the people financing the project.

The time has come for design researchers and market researchers to collaborate on great designs to lower risk and increase profits. DesignLens members will no longer work in silos!

We created the Housing Design Summit to bring three factions together for the first time ever.

Great Designers

Great designers use their creativity to solve problems and create opportunities. They are the land planners, architects, and industrial designers whose beautiful and functional designs elicit an emotional response.

Great Market Researchers

Great market researchers identify consumer needs and support design ideas with data. They conduct research that is quantitative (like surveys) and qualitative (like focus groups and observations). They recognize that consumers are not always the first to know what they want and have the experience to assess the potential success of new ideas. Great market researchers can think outside the box and identify support for trying a new design.

Great Business Leaders

Great business leaders fund new designs and have a passion for taking risks and earning the appropriate reward. These leaders often cultivate exciting cultures and attract the most talented people. Business leaders who are DesignLens members are never satisfied with the status quo.


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“Given my 41 years of experience in the industry, this was the most informative, most meaningful home building industry conference I have attended.”



“You created a phenomenal conference with excellent content and speakers, and the attendees I was able to engage with were exceptional.”



“I loved the intimacy of the group and the quality of speakers.”



“This was fantastic. Honest conversation, idea sharing, and felt like a true gathering of creative thinkers wanting to really share and learn.”

“This one was definitely one of the finest I’ve attended. Very thoughtful planned sessions with great speakers. And every roundtable session was very interesting and lively. Looking forward to seeing how they evolve over the years.”



“I was at [another housing industry conference] in December, and I can tell you—in 3 hours today alone—this is epic value in comparison.”



“Best conference I’ve attended! Great energy and idea sharing.”



“Great Summit, very diverse presenters. I was very impressed with the high level of expertise of each panel member.”

“Beat out any other ULI council, summit, trade show, think tank, roundtable…you get it…I have ever attended. Pure mind candy and ridiculously inspirational. Truly the finest minds in our business sharing insights and ideas. Beyond unforgettable and definitely applicable to the strategy we will bring forth in the near term.”



“I am impressed by the level of people that have attended this Summit. The speakers have been very informative and interesting. The flow of the [conference] has also been a very refreshing approach.”



“I enjoyed the mix of speakers with panels. My favorite was the panel of John Burns Real Estate Consulting employees. It was creative and informative.”